Gift Guide 2017



1. Something for HIM...

New to our Plateau shop is Wise! Wise is a line of men's grooming products, that are natural, healthy and cruelty-free. We carry the 'Birch Bark Daily Shampoo', 'Red Maple Cream Pomade', and 'Glacier Clay Pomade'. All three products are available in stylish, reusable glass containers and you can purchase refills for them as well. 

Read more about how Wise is keeping it local and sustainable here.




2. Locally Made Candles

Flambette candles are available at both locations. We have a variety of scents including: mint+rosemary, peach+ginger, fig+cypress, eucalyptus+mint and citrus+sage. Each soy candle is individually hand poured in Quebec and have a wood-wick candle. 

...Toss in a Spilt Milk lighter, too ;)




3. Publications

Plasma, Editorial Mag and Phile Magazine are three publications that double as great additions to any coffee table.








4. Pepin

These are some truly great unisex body products. All products are made without harsh chemicals commonly found in most body products on the market. We carry the natural deodorant, light and dark dry shampoo, body butter, face oil, olive oil bar soap and lip balm. 




5. Stocking Stuffer

Who doesn't love getting a brand new pair of socks? We have several styles and colours that are sure to keep toes warm and stylish. 











6. Hats

We have an array of hats in both shops. Featured here is a vintage velvet red beret and a Miyuki crochet headband. We have lots of toques and hats that are vintage and new.




7. Keep Warm by the Fire

Vintage blankets are a great gift for a friend or family member. We chose this plaid wool blanket.

PS... We just got in a vintage wool Hudson's Bay blanket at the Plateau shop. Get it before it's gone!









8. Ceramics

These lovely ceramic dishes are handmade and painted in Montreal by Salina Ladha. Perfect for keeping your jewelry in, or for your keys!








9. Jewelry

Earrings, rings and septum rings by Marmod8, and earrings and necklaces by Bilak! Lots to choose from at both locations, in a variety of prices.




10. Bags n Totes

Everybody loves a new tote. We have Citizen hand made totes, made from recycled denim pant legs. We also have a variety of artist totes at both shops and lots of great vintage bags too!




11. Seasonal Cards

We have so many holiday cards right now. You can choose from a selection of funny, romantic, loving, 'for a friend', Celine Dion, and many others.






12. The Best Crews

Crew Necks!!! We just got this 'Friends/Stranger Things' crew and it is SO great. We also have lots of other Spilt Milk styles, in addition to hand made crews by Citizen (available in yellow, dark grey and light grey), and countless other artist crews (such as this beloved Celine one shown above).



Happy Shopping! We hope to see you soon :)

Is It Even Winter?

It isn't quite winter weather just yet, so we put together some looks from our Plateau location. Pieces that are easily transitional for year round wear, and some vintage fur too ;)


Modelled by Jolen and Gloria

Photos by Caroline


CORDS are making a big comeback this season. We made our own corduroy pants in a limited selection of colours. Our brick red style is pictured below...


Shop Citizen Vintage made cords at both locations!

Some of our Corduroy Inspo...


We rounded up our favourite Halloween costumes for 2017 with pieces from our Mile End and Plateau shops. 

Artist Q&A



Who/What inspired you to create the illustrations for your Citizen collab?

I had the opportunity to spend a month in beautiful Mauritius this summer with my partner’s family and drew all of the illustrations over there. I have never eaten so well in my life and have never spent so much time in such lush nature. So many delicious fruits and glorious plants everywhere! This new series is definitely influenced by the landscapes, food, and feelings I experienced this summer.


Where are you from? How did you end up in Montreal?

I was raised in the suburbs of Ottawa and I moved to Montreal to study art history at Concordia but ended up graduating in the fibres program.


Favourite textile/fabric?

Hmm...probably cotton or linen. I like any natural fibre with a good, bold print.


Favourite musician right now? 

To be honest, I am more into listening to podcasts than to music when I am working. My current favourite is called Ear Hustle which is hosted and co-produced by American inmates. It is reaaally great. If not podcasts, then I’ve been pumping myself up with Black Sabbath in the studio.



What inspired your zine?

The zine is inspired by travelling around Mauritius and taking the time to reconnect with our lovely, beautiful planet.


Do you enjoy shopping vintage/thrifting? Describe your style in 3 words.

Yes, I love thrifting! Almost my whole closet is thrifted. My style in three words would probably be: in-cohesive, patterned & comfortable.




Do you have a favourite ‘character’ / drawing that you have created? If so, why is it your favourite one?

I don’t think I have a favourite drawing. I’ve been into drawing more simple creatures lately and that has been nice. I like to wedge myself somewhere in between silly and creepy in my practice.


Artist Q&A



Who/What inspired you to create the pieces for your Citizen collab?

The nostalgia that you can smell in the crisp air during the transition of summer to fall. I basically just mixed my love for horror films and with my obsession with cute/pastel baby toys and products  to create the perfect cute and creepy baby bedroom.. giving a twist on the usual halloween decor that were used to see.

Where are you from? How did you end up in Montreal?

I am from originally from Deux-Montagne. I ended up in Montreal 9 years ago.. I just needed to move somewhere where I didn’t feel like a total freak! I just escaped as fast as I could.. the suburbs was just not made for me i’m a city boy!

Favourite musician right now? 

It’s always so hard to just pick one..but I’d say Michele Nox!

Do you have a favourite medium of working in?

I love making digital work/illustration because It allows me to make everything so smooth and bubbly so easily!! It's also the cheapest medium. you don’t need to buy any materials (beside the computer) so when you got it... It’s pretty crazy how many options you have an how far you can go!


How do you develop your illustrations? (process, inspiration)

I get inspired by simple day to day stuff…the people ,the colours, the shapes surrounding me. Music!!  any song or track that I can relate with that can make me feel something or think about something that I can illustrate.

Do you have a favourite character/illustration you’ve created? If so, why?

Yes! my main character Burble ! It is obviously my favourite character because I speak a lot through him! I have a hard time filtering my emotions and he’s the perfect little guy that I found to express them!

Do you enjoy shopping vintage/thrifting? Describe your style in 3 words.

Yes! everything I own is vintage or made by me or a friend. Being broke really forces you to go out there and try to find some cute stuff...forces you to be creative! When you can’t find something.... just make it! Baby punk raver.


Sarah, The Leather Seamstress

Sara working on her creations!

Sara working on her creations!

As you may already know, Citizen Vintage offers several internships to young artists aspiring to practice in their field.

During the last 3 weeks, Sarah has had the chance to have access to the Citizen Vintage workshop, in order to create wonderful pieces. Using leather pants ‘scraps, the seamstress and sensational designer made various variants of leather tank tops.

The brightly colored threads Sara decided to use to sew the pieces of leather into a sensational garment add charm, as well as funkiness to the various pieces she created. Having just finished her internship, we hope that Sarah is just as excited as we are to see her creations be put on our boutique’s floor (at both locations!) !

Here are exclusive images of the beautiful pieces on none other than the creator herself, the wonderful Sarah!


Our POP Diary

The Citizen team took on POP's Sweet 16 this past Wednesday to Sunday.

We thought it would be fun to share some of our favourite moments from the festival! 

We present to you... Our POP Diary.



Kali Uchis // 

Several members of the CV team went to see this show. Chloe even got to meet Kali backstage after the show (we were told some selfies were involved ;).   Photo via @chlosed



Jessy Lanza // 

Late night at Piccolo, this show had the entire Rialto buzzing. Everyone in the audience was having the best time, dancing wild and carefree in what little space they had. Jessy Lanza owned the stage as a solo performer, grooving with an amazing amount of energy. She had abstract video's projected behind her, and a captivating light show. Sadly we didn't get any pictures... We were way too busy dancing!



John Maus // 

This show was FUN. The lighting was imaginative, with two colours at a time. Purple and red being my fave duo. John Maus has quite the stage presence... punching himself in the head being a reoccurring move, alongside lots of jumping. Wish they played some more of my faves, but overall the music was great live and the vibe was fun!



Weyes Blood  //

*Excuse my extremely poor quality images but Natalie of Weyes Blood had the best outfit and hair... I had to document*

Her voice was angelic and she was very poised. Natalie wore a mint, silky blazer over-top of an off-white, button down collared shirt. Her pants matched the silk blazer. The band played a solid selection of songs, a majority of which left parts of the crowd quite mesmerized. Loved the faux candelabras for the spooky vibe, can't wait until I can see Weyes Blood the next time they're on tour.

ArtPOP // 

ArtPOP had collections up at two venues all weekend, displaying the works various visual and performance artists. One of the works that we really enjoyed was that of Jay "J-Berd" Keating. He came to POP both to perform and to show his art, and although we didn't catch his set, we enjoyed the musicality and dynamism in his painting.  



Jay Som // 

Jay Som left us breathless. Melina's vocals were hauntingly beautiful, and when mixed with the complexity and energy of the instrumentals, the effect was breathtaking. We could have watched them perform all weekend... what a way to end the festival!


Thank you for checking out Our POP Diary <3

Looking forward to another great POP festival in 2018!